The three tutors

The turors of the hovercraft workshop are Jelk Kruk, Gerald Russelman and Johan van Lierop. We all three are in our last stage of study at the Faculty of Architecture in the Delft University of Technology (NL). Jelk was tutor of the workshop 'landart & the camera' in EASA 2002 in which also Gerald was involved. Gerald and Jelk have been building a beercan sailboat in EASA 2001.

Gerald is specializing in architecture and advanced building techniques and has experience in (small scale) unconventional construction projects. Jelk runs a small company and is graduating in a combination of the disciplines real estate, housing and architecture. Johan is an interior designer and now graduating in architecture on the subject of the hyperindividual in search of anti-social architecture and already realized some built projects.

We want to thank the organization and the participants of our workshop. A full list of participants will appear here soon. We also want to thank Jan Thomsen from Tistrup Maskinforretning (Ebeltoft, Denmark) and the people from Rostved Plæneklipperservice (Rønde, Denmark) for providing us with the lawnmower engines.

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