How to build a hovercraft? (click here)

In this gallery you can see how we build a hovercraft in ten simple steps. We hope that it will be an inspiring documentation for others who want to build an hovercraft themselves. We do not take any responsibility for possible accidents that might happen when building a hovercraft according to our schedule / steps, we do not guarantee success and do not guarantee that it is safe to do it in this way.

We were very lucky in finding both organization and locals enthousiastic enough to help us out. We have been advised by personal from Aarhus international Airport, and got access to and materials from a scrapheap. We got two brand new lawnmower engines (3.5 and 5 horsepower) we could borrow from two seperate "plaeæneklipperservices". After some experimenting with a second hovercraft we combined the engines together on one working hovercraft. One of the engines was used for the lifting and one for the propulsion. You can find images and a movie in the results page.

More information on the principle of a hovercraft and and plans how to build or buy one can be found in the links section. We have learned a lot from building this vehicle, and found out that the quality of the propeller is one of the most limiting aspects in the design.

How to build a hovercraft in ten simple steps (gallery)